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Joined: Jul 23, Posts: Hey there, What version of unity?

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What device? AlexThibodeau , Feb 4, Hi, Unity 4.

How to Sideload Android Apps on the Blackberry Q5

Thank you. Hey dude, Just tried on my Z10 and Passport and I don't see the issue.

Locate My Stolen BlackBerry

On the passport it took a while I believe you need one or the other in order to receive a reading. AlexThibodeau , Feb 5, Here is what I am using snippet: Code CSharp :. Log "Location service is not enabled.

Start 15 , 4 ;. CancelLocalization ;. UseInfoToLocalize ;.

Stop ;. Last edited: Feb 6, Etorki-Games , Feb 6, A mobile phone or tablet calculates it's location by receiving radio signals from GPS satellites in space. You can then view these recorded locations from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device at your personal LocationOf. Please note that in order for GPS tracking to work the LocationOf app and the device must be actively on and be connected to a network.


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Dev Center. Log in or Sign up. Brightness Light Mode Dark Mode. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has found an app which tracks your location and allows someone else to see it.

BlackBerry Monitoring Software - Mobile Spy for BlackBerry Monitoring

My wife has one of those iphone things she's lucky I married her really ;- and I've got the Z When I go cycling long distances she likes to have the option to check I'm moving and not in a ditch somewhere so does anyone know of any apps that I could use to do this? On my Torch I used to use Google latitude for this. Many Thanks, Dave.

  1. Requirements!
  2. BlackBerry phone tracker – Track a stolen BlackBerry mobile with location apps.
  3. Smartphone Interface!
  4. spy on other peoples phones?

Like 0. Omnitech Dragon Slayer.

  • Blackberry q5 security software.
  • tracker app in south africa for nokia X.
  • mobile spy iphone 7 vs galaxy s8.
  • Here are some others. Hi, thanks for the info.